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Here Ye! Here Ye! We called ALL members to the August 5, 2017 Membership Meeting! Every member was sent a personal letter and if you did not respond as requested one of the officers called you. IF you did not get the letter OR did not receive a phone call then our records need updating so please email or call the Secretary. The officers received very positive feedback from every member that we called and spoke to.

Our meeting was very successful. There were more than 50 members present and we had a good discussion. Several items were repeated:

  1. Members want more opportunities to meet with each other. One idea was suggested to form a couple of Special Interest Clubs. The first one we will form is a Rod & Gun Club. Please watch for more information.

  2. Masonic discussion meetings were requested. These would be meetings to discuss topics like “What can I tell a non mason about the Craft?” “What meetings or events can I attend?”

  3. What can we do in the community? Many of those present did not know about our child ID events or our support of public schools. We can do more but we need more member input.

  4. The community support discussion made it clear we need better communication with the membership. We publish a monthly Trestleboard, we have a good website, and we have a Lodge App for your cell phone. But we need to do more.

The attendees wanted another meeting to begin working on the above and we met on Monday August 21. At the time of this article the meeting had not yet been held. I will have more information next month and at the September Stated Meeting.

We held three more Entered Apprentice degrees in August and those new Brothers have begun their coaching. There were many brothers that attended those degrees which is great for a new member to see. Uncle Roy prepared some delicious light meals before the degrees. Please plan to attend the next degree in September. That is six new members and another application was received in August. The Lodge is moving forward!

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