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From the Secretary’s Table

As we start a new year with a new group of officers I am looking forward to a very productive year. I have process 190 members’ dues cards. That number includes our life member, dues remission and brother who pay their due. Off to a good start. The one thing that bothers me it that we only have about 30 members attend the stated meeting. Those 30 members are making the decision for all of us. I know this is like our government we elect people to rule and govern over us. But what do we do when we disagree? Get involved. It’s only once a month and the dinners are outstanding.

The board of directors for the Hall Association are doing an outstanding job. The building is something we can be proud of.

I am so looking forward to our annual crab feed. I have the tickets. Like last year, they are $40.00 per person and for those that do not eat crab, pasta is available at just $15.00 per person. Saturday, February 24th at 6:00 PM in the lodge dining room. Space is limited to 150.

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