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From the Secretary’s Table

In the 48 years that I have been a Master Mason the craft sure has changed. Participation has dropped off and our brothers have been failing to contribute to ​​support the success of the lodge. The Grand Lodge continues to increases our per capita each year thereby, continue their financial survival. Within a few year the per capita tax will surpass our dues which are now $60.00 per year. The Grand Lodge per capita tax is $48.50.

Our membership has failed to keep pace with the cost of doing business. The lodge has funded the Hall Association $67,110.00 last year to insure that we have a beautiful and safe place to meet.

We have 23 Entered Apprentices, 6 Fellowcrafts and 266 Master Masons for a total of 295 members as of January 15th. We have lost 6 members who have passed away and 3 members who have demitted. As of January we have 12 members who have not paid their 2017 dues and 66 members who still have not paid their 2018 dues. We have two categories of members who do not need to contribute to the lodges annual expense:

1) members who’s dues are being remitted (of which we have 36) and

2) life members (of which there are 66).

We have a great group of officers this year and a lot of planned activities for the benefit of our members and their families. The thing that I look forward to is our pot luck dinners. These will happen any time there is a fifth Thursday in any given month.

Our annual crab feed will be held on the 24th of February. This has been the biggest event of the year. Our kitchen crew does themselves proud. Great meals come out of our kitchen thanks to the staff who really works hard to please our members.

This year we will honor seven of our members with their Golden Veteran’s award, 50 years a Master Mason.

The officers are working hard to have a very successful year, come and be a part of that success.

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