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From the South

It is my sincere honor to introduce our newly raised Brother,

Perry Klahr, who attained the Sublime Degree of Master Mason on March 8th, 2018. In observing his journey through his degrees, it was a pleasure to have listened to the exceptional and well developed papers he penned. His progress into our mysteries and self-reflection points him out as a proper object for our particular interest in seeing him advance within our lodges’ officer line …yes Perry, I just called you out.

This year, at Crow Canyon 551, has been purposely filled with many engaging activities by our Worshipful PM Robert Eckstein, with excellent opportunities to fraternize with your Masonic brethren and their families. The month of March was no exception as we brought in some new activities, honored loyal brethren, and brought back other fun gatherings that had been greatly enjoyed by others.

On March 10th, we had the first meeting of the “Masonic Rod and Gun Club”. This initial gathering was to explore what our brothers would like to see the club develop into. Many great ideas were discussed, including interest in further researching the idea of chartering a deep sea fishing trip.

On March 22, Brother Anthony Lloyd received his 50 year pin in front of a supportive crowd from our District Inspector.

Lastly, as your Junior Warden, I have been blessed to be a part of this year’s Officer line-up. What we do here is by and for you, my brothers. Please take the opportunity to attend one, two, or all events as we are stronger when we support each other. So I’m sure I speak for my WM and fellow officers when I say ‘We too hope to see you all again very soon’.

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