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From the Secretary’s Table

April has been a slow month We still have 28 members who have not paid their dues for 2018. Out of that same group, five have not paid their 2017 dues and certified letters with notice of suspension have been mailed to them. I dislike this part of being the lodge secretary. It is no fun suspending a member.

We read an application at the April Stated Meeting of a Mr. Tramaine Ellison. He resides in Tracy, CA and works with Bro. Gerald Woergoetter. The Master has sent the investigation forms out. We have several 2nd degrees planned along with a possible 1st Degree for Mr. Ellison. Check the bulletin and try to attend a degree. For some of you it has been a long time since you have attended a degree. The officers work very hard to do their work. Come and enjoy. For those of you who have asked the cost for a life membership it is:

Remember, check your dues receipt and make sure is good through December 31, 2018 if not send a check made out to Crow Canyon Lodge in the amount of $109.00. Stay safe!

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