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From the Secretary’s Table

The financial report for the period January 1st to June 30th will

be read at our August stated meeting. It should be noted that there are still 20 members who have not paid the 2018 dues. The dues for 2018 are $60.00 per year the Grand Lodge tax is $49.00 for 2018 for a total of $109.00 The lodge must pay to the Grand Lodge $49.00 for each of the 20 members who have not paid. This amounts to a $980.00 loss to the lodge. Please brethren, check your dues receipt and if is expired on December 31, 2017 send a check to the Secretary made out to Crow Canyon Lodge 551. We had to suspend a few of our members at the June Stated Meeting for non-payment of dues. We do not want to repeat that next June.

Our membership as of this writing is 293. We have 21 Entered Apprentice 6 Fellowcrafts and 266 Master Masons of which the lodge remits 35 of it’s member’s dues. We have 64 Life Members for a total of 99 members who are not required to pay dues. That leaves the remaining just 194 members to pay all our bills.

We wish to welcome two new members who will receive their first degrees in August: Mr. Nickolas Nelson and Mr. Tramaine Ellison. Come to lodge and witness the wonderful job that your officers do. We have a lot going on for the rest of the year. Only four months to do all our work. I am looking forward to seeing you in lodge for those remaining four months, then installation of Officers.

I hope to see you at the August dinner and Stated Meeting.

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