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Happy Holidays! I am thrilled to be your Junior Warden for the upcoming year and will work hard to spread togetherness, friendship and brotherly love among our members at our Stated meetings, ceremonies and other lodge events.

This being a time of giving, I ask each of you, if able, to follow that fraternal tradition of helping the downtrodden in times of need. No matter how well the economy may be doing, there is always someone who has fallen upon hard times and needs your support. It may be a Brother, friend, family member or a stranger – no matter – there is nothing more rewarding and honorable than reaching out and giving someone a helping hand. So the next time you pass the “red kettle” give paper instead of coin, fill up those grocery bags left at your front door with nutritious food for the hungry instead of your discarded canned foods, visit an elderly or sick Brother at the Masonic Home over the holiday week to spread a little joy, and finally, tell each member of your family how much you truly love them.

Roy and I have not had a chance to sit down and plan the menu for 2019 but will do so soon. However, for our Stated Meetings, I seek your input as to the type of meals you might want in the future. For example, I would like a country barbeque much like we enjoy at the country barn dance held by the AAHMES Mounted Patrol that many of you are familiar with – another Brother suggested a pub food night with fish and chips. In the end, I leave it to Roy but hey – your suggestions are appreciated!

Also, don’t forget that we have a potluck scheduled for January 31st, 2019. Based upon the first letter of your last name, please bring a dish accordingly (lodge to provide meat and drinks, meat to be announced at Stated Meeting):

A-H - salad or appetizer

I-O - main course

P-Z - dessert

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