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From the West

By Brian Ross —Senior Warden

I am happy to take the Master’s seat for Worshipful Paul at our February Stated Meeting. I look forward to seeing you all (by Zoom) for our social 1/2 hour at 6:30 p.m. and the meeting at 7:00 p.m. Remember that the business of the Lodge is your business and I am hopeful for a good turn out. I will send an early Zoom Notice by email in the next few days so you can put the meeting on your calendar and I will send another notice a couple of days before. If any of you need assistance with the Zoom videoconference platform just call me and I will help you connect.

Other than that, the holidays have now passed us and winter is in full swing. During this time, I am available to hear proficiencies via the Zoom platform – if you are ready, have your coach call me to set up a date and time. Obviously, we cannot do the lodge work until we are allowed to return. However, I can hear your proficiency in the meantime if you wish to get the first step behind you.

If we are able, I look forward to scheduling a fishing trip next spring as well as a trip to the Livermore Gun Range – COVID-permitting. If we are delayed by the pandemic, I will shoot for dates in the fall for both. Keep these events in mind and watch for emails for details.

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