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Updated: Jun 4

By Lyman Penning, PM — Sr. Warden

We are holding ritual practices at this time. There are brothers and individuals who are preparing for degrees. However, there are two issues to take care of:

First, I have received an email which has shown me that some of our candidates are in need of a coach. So if any brother has the time and would like to work with candidates that do not have a coach, please let me know. Second, if any candidates are having difficulty in finding time for coaching, I would like to know about those issues as well.

If new members are going to advance, I believe that we need to make sure that all efforts are made to help them learn their proficiencies and receive all three degrees. While candidates are going thru their degrees, it is also helpful that they are kept active by making sure that the candidates know what events are coming up that they can attend. I am sure that well informed members will make the best members.

Finally, after my participation in last year's ritual competition, I have been advised to write some papers on our Masonic teachings. So starting with March, I am going to add an article that can be read by all the brethren. No, I will not be entering this year's ritual competition. However, I do encourage everyone to try your skills in the ritual competition for 2024. Good Luck brethren.

See you in lodge everyone.


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