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From the East

Welcome to the month of September. As the warm days of summer come to an end, we need to begin preparing for the holiday season. It will not be long before we start thinking of pumpkins, turkeys, and evergreen trees. This is also the time when the current officers need to start preparing to advance to new stations within the line if they wish to do so. In addition, it is the time of year when qualified brothers can enter the line if they would like to participate in ritual activities. I encourage all Masons, whether they be an Entered Apprentice, a Fellowcraft, or a Master Mason, to take an active role in the workings of the Lodge. Whether it be a Stated Meeting, a Degree conferral, or a Lodge ceremony, the Lodge can always use your help.

During last month, the Lodge was quite busy. We made three new Entered Apprentice Masons. (Guy Phillips, Bryan Salby & Aero Comonal). I hope that they have pleasant experiences on their Masonic journey. We hosted the annual Hiram Award for Brother Ron Reynolds and we held a Seventy-Five-Year-pin ceremony for Brother Glen Barth. In addition I, along with three Lodge Officers (Worshipful Bill Ferrell, Worshipful Kurt Allen & Brother Don Schauer), presented a Fifty-year-pin to Brother John Hinkley at his home in Castro Valley. I wish to thank all of the Officers, Past Masters, and individual brothers that helped and participated in the events I just described. Without your assistance, none of these events would have taken place.

As a further note, I will be away on vacation during the first half of this month. I will be spending time with my relatives in Nebraska. During my absence, Worshipful Eckstein will be filling in for me. After having worked with him during the last few months, I know the lodge will be in capable hands. Until next month, have a happy September.

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