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From the East

By Brian Ross — Master

By the time you read this we will have conferred a third degree for Brother Jesse Bridgeman. What a wonderful young man to add to our ranks! I look forward to watching him take his unique journey in Masonry in the coming years.

We have our Lodge Picnic on September 3rd at the Golden Gate Live Steamers in Orinda and our traveling degree on September 24th in Volcano where we will confer a Second Degree on Bro. Xander Hawes - I know I will see you all there in support of this fine young man.

Things slow a bit for the Lodge as we move to October - however the officers will be preparing for their proficiencies in their respective advanced chairs. Also Annual Communication rolls around from October 21st-23rd for those who wish to attend. Thus is always an important meeting as the fraternity plots it’s future course.

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