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From the East

By Brian Ross — Master

My year as Master of the Lodge is now half over and the officers are now looking forward to their proficiencies and preparing for their chairs next year.  I hope all of you can appreciate the time and effort each officer must dedicate to running the Lodge; you truly must be dedicated to the craft once you take a chair in the line.  All of our officers are so dedicated and the fraternity is well represented in Castro Valley.

Our Hiram Award Presentation and Dinner on May 26th was a tremendous success. I want to thank all of you who attended in support of the most deserving Mark Finger.  I had the pleasure of meeting his family and hearing all about what a cut-up Mark is - and what a nice tribute by Natalie!  Godspeed Mark!

I was happy to spend an evening with our brothers and their wives at Casa Orozco in Livermore on June 18th.  After dinner most of the brothers retired to my home in Livermore for more comradery, friendship and yes - nonsense (depending upon how you look at things).  I look forward to more good times out and about with our great brothers and their families!

As to Lodge business, I am happy to report that on June 23rd, we will have a double-first degree conferral.  Our Junior Warden's son, Alexander "Xander" Hawes and our treasurer's son-in-law, Brandon Moore are ready to join our ranks!   We will have another double-first degree conferral on July 14th when we welcome Charles and Jason Herrick (father and son) into our lodge.  All brothers are invited to attend in support of these fine young men. 

Finally, due to the Lodge being primarily dark - there will be NO Zoom social or Breakfast with the Brothers in July - we will pick up with these monthly events in August.

Go out and enjoy the Alameda County Fair - I plan to often - it is a great day out! 

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