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Welcome to the month of October 2017. During this month we celebrate Halloween or All Hallows’ Eve on the 31st of October. Halloween is believed to have originated from Celtic Harvest Festivals that may have pagan roots. During this holiday, individuals partake in a variety of activities including trick or treat, costume parties, and carving of pumpkins. I wish all of you a Happy Halloween.

During the first half of last month, I spent two weeks with relatives in Nebraska. It was a relaxing and an enjoyable holiday for me. I wish to thank Worshipful Eckstein for filling in for me during my absence. I was informed that the Annual Lodge Picnic held last month at Tilden Park was well attended. I want to thank all of the brothers that worked on this project while I was away on holiday.

During the September Stated Meeting, we received another application for the degrees of Masonry. As such, we will now have two more individuals for First Degree Initiations in the near future. To date, during the 2017 calendar year, we have conducted a total of six First Degree conferrals, thus adding six new Masons in our lodge. I congratulate all of them on their masonic journey. I have a feeling that we may see some Second Degree conferrals in the near future.

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