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From the South

Brethren and Families:

As the start of a New Year approaches, it’s time again for musical chairs at the Lodge.

A bit about myself; In May of 2014, I was raised to Master Mason here at Crow Canyon Lodge 551, which is also my father’s lodge. He is a Master Mason of 61 years. Go Dad!

I’ve since been progressing up the line, and I’m honored to have been asked to fill the Junior Warden’s Station for 2018!

I can tell you that we have many fun activities planned for the year, and as always, great times are to be had breaking bread together and continued fellowship. Stay tuned for upcoming information on the resurrected ‘after lodge dinner activities’ for our beautiful supporting Ladies.

Now from Labor to Refreshments…

I have it on good authority by brothers more reputable than myself that ‘Uncle Roy and his Galloping Gourmets’ menu for the December Stated dinner will consist of the flavors that most have come to enjoy and identify as part of this holiday season. That is of course: Ham and scalloped potatoes, Soup or Salad, and warm rolls. To finish off the meal, nothing hits that sweet spot better than apple pie.

Uncle Roy promises that all who attend will be thoroughly fed-up with his cooking by the time they throw down their napkins.

Please remember that a good meal sits even better when you give it time to rest, so stay for the Stated Meeting, and support your elected officers in exemplifying ritual and conducting the business of our lodge.

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