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I would like to remind all of you that if there is a Masonic event at the lodge, all Masons are highly encouraged to attend and see the work being instructed and/or exemplified. IE: DOSI, Degrees, Practices, Stated Meetings…

The only exception of course is that it needs to be of your degree or lower. Please check the ‘Trestleboard’ calendar insert for the events coming up, and plan on attending some of them.

Now from Labor to Refreshments…

Dungeness Crab, a Bay Area delicacy. Where else can you find the most wonderfully textured, buttery flavored, succulent red beasties but at Crow Canyon 551?

Our Bay Area crab comes from two sources; Our northern fleet harvests from the Mendocino, Humboldt, and Del Norte counties while our other fleet brings them in from Bodega Bay, Point Reyes, and Pacifica.

Last year we purchased 330 lbs. of crab and served to a sold-out crowd of 105 patrons. This year we will be purchasing a bit more than that, and are planning on serving 150 of our friends and family. I have it on good authority that although we may run out of tickets, we have never run out of crab!

The dinner will be on February 24th at 6:00 PM, and tickets are selling like hotcakes. We will continue until sold-out or until February 19th. The price is the same as last year; $40 for the crab dinner, and $15 for the spaghetti dinner.

The crab dinner will consist of: Tossed Green Salad; Cooked, Cleaned, Cracked Crab; Pasta; and Garlic Bread. Desert will be Ice Cream Bars!

The Pasta dinner will consist of all of the above, except the Crab, of course.

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