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A Blast from the Past into the Future

By William M. Ferrell

Sadly the following is all that I have for these two lodges.

CASTRO VALLEY, U. D. Castro Valley Lodge was instituted May 19, 1951, with the legal maximum of 50 charter members. Since then they have read or accepted 22 petitions for degrees. The Lodge is adequately financed, having a cash balance of over $1.500.00. Castro Valley is principally a residential community on the fringe of the tremendous industrial area of San Leandro, Alameda and Oakland, where further substantial increases in population appear inevitable. This Lodge is already taking its place in the community life and prospects for its future are bright. Your committee therefore recommends that a charter be granted to Castro Valley Lodge No. 713 in the County of Alameda. Castro Valley Lodge was chartered at Grand Lodge Proceeding of 1951, on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 11, 1951. Membership 78

Grand Lodge records show that there were 48 members registered to Lake Chabot Lodge U.D. at Castro Valley in the County of Alameda while under dispensation.

Lake Chabot Lodge was chartered at the annual Grand Lodge Communications and issued No. 770, Friday, September 27, A. D. 1957, A. L. 5957. With Arthur R. McGinley as Master of the new lodge.

This is all I could find on this lodge. It originally met on our property until it merged with Diamond 603 and Lakeshore 551 to become a part of Tri-square 551. Fremont lodge 497 merged at a later date.

Next month we will present Ashland Lodge 798.

On a personal note when our Castro Valley Masonic Center was constructed late 1984, the temple board was comprised of six members of Castro Valley lodge 713 and three members of Chateau Thierry lodge 569. Prior to their mergers Castro Valley had two thirds ownership and Chateau Thierry had one third ownership in the temple association. Members of both lodges equally were active in the construction. John De Poe owned and operated a cabinet shop and supplied the cabinets and storage doors. Charles Tilden was actively supervising the construction. The sliding door in the anti-room was a major project of commercial grade. The electrical was done by Beaman Electric, Roger Beaman was a member of Chateau Thierry.

If any member has information about any of the eight lodge prior to the consolidation, please contact me at

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