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From the East

By Paul Rodriguez-Obrien — Master

My Brothers,

Please welcome Crow Canyon 551’s newest Master Masons; Brother “Scott” Hamilton who was Raised on October 14th, 6021 A.L., and Brother “Ozzie” Ghani Raised on October 21st, 6021 A.L. There is no doubt that these 2 fine men will learn much and travel far in their Masonic Journey. Blessed be your travels my Brothers.

Our year is coming to a close very soon and there are still a couple events that we, your Officers, have planned for the Lodge. Let’s get together to break-bread and share some Holiday cheer.

I would like to mention that I have seen Bro Brian Ross’s calendar for his year as Worshipful Master, and it’s looking like next year will be packed full of fun for all while moving the Lodge ever forward.

Each new Worshipful has his own way on presenting himself. IE: I was one to wear my father’s ‘Bowler Hat’ instead of a ‘Top-Hat’. So has Bro. Brian Ross chosen to also wear a hat that calls to his upbringing, and he will wear it well.

What else can we say about the Legendary Bro. Brother Brian? Well, he was born in Kentucky the same year that “Decidedly” won the Kentucky Derby. He was enlisted as a ‘Security Specialist’ in the 80’s for the United States Air Force and later became an ‘Attorney at Law’ when he passed the California State Bar in 1993. He now has his own firm in Pleasanton, California.

In 2011, Brother Brian was Raised a Master Mason in our lodge, and has been an Officer for more than 7 years now. He is also very involved in Shriners, supports their endeavors of helping children, and is a member of the Shriners Mounted Patrol in Livermore.

The best thing I can say about Brian, is that he is a fair, ‘speak the truth’ Cowboy who cares about those that don’t have a voice, and who always has time to help a fellow Mason when asked. It has been an honor to call him my friend and Brother. The lodge will be in fantastic hands when he takes the Worshipful seat and duties (should he be elected) in just 2 short months from now.

Lastly my Brothers, there is just a short time left in this year, and I look forward to seeing you all very soon for our final remaining activities (please look at this Trestleboard’s calendar).

…And as always, I would like to remind you that your Officers are always just a phone call away should you need anything or would like to share something with the Lodge. Our phone numbers and email addresses are easily found within this periodical, and on the Lodge website.

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