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From the East

By Brian Ross — Master

Well April has been quiet compared to the first three months of this year - but I look forward to revving up again in May. At our Stated Meeting on May 5th Alan West of the AAHMES Shrine will make a presentation on its behalf during our "Cinco de Mayo" dinner prepared by Uncle Roy and the kitchen staff. If you think you might want to join the AAHMES Shrine please come to dinner with your interest and questions.

Please note that commencing May 5th the cost of all Stated Meeting dinners has been increased from $10.00 to $15.00 for individuals and $25.00 for a member plus one. The cost of food has skyrocketed necessitating this increase.

On May 12th we will be holding our annual Public School's Night dinner (chicken and vegetable lasagna) . A social will begin at 5:00 PM, dinner to be served promptly at 6:00 PM. the presentation itself will be in the Lodge room at 7:00 p.m. Reservations are required. I look forward to seeing you in support of our local teachers!

Being honored this year are:

Nancy Galloway, the Physical Education Teacher at Jensen Ranch Elementary School, has been selected as CVUSD’s Alameda County Teacher of the Year. Jessica Labang from Chabot Elementary School and Diane De Young from Canyon Middle School have been selected as the Masonic Teachers of the Year.

On May 2nd our own Senior Deacon Wor. Lyman Penning will be competing in this year's ritual competition at 7:00 p.m., at Pleasanton Lodge. Lyman is one of our most knowledgeable officers when it comes to ritual and we will all be rooting for him as he represents Crow Canyon Lodge. All Master Masons are invited to observe the competition - hope to see you there in support of Lyman.

On May 26th at 6:00 PM the Lodge will honor our Hiram Award recipient, Bro. Mark Fingers. (Note: I made an error in our last issue of the Trestleboard as to the date) Roy and the guys in the kitchen will be preparing one of his signature prime rib dinners - don't miss out!

Finally, I have finalized the date for our annual pilgrimage to another Lodge for the purpose of conducting a degree - September 24th, at Volcano Lodge, Volcano, California. Information regarding events and lodging that weekend will be coming out soon - stay tuned and plan to attend.

See you at our next Stated Meeting!

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