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From the East

By J. E. C. Rafisura — Master

Brethren, I am happy to report that as of this writing, we have conferred Fellow Craft degrees on Bro. Steven Dorough, and to Brothers Charles and Jacob Herrick, on January 26th and February 9th (double degree) respectively. I congratulate all three of them as they continue to advance within this time-honored craft. Also, I would like to congratulate Bro. Jake Andreotti, who passed his second degree proficiency February 9th. He is now ready and eager to be raised as a Master Mason. We will scheduled it soon. I am excited to see how the rest of the year will unfold knowing that we may have multiple candidates to be raised!

In addition to the degrees, during the February Stated Meeting the proposed annual budget was approved. This year’s overall budget has increased from last year as we have to cover for our centennial celebration expenses. In addition, we have also increased the amount of Public School Teacher’s Award from $500 to $1,000 each after realizing that the amount has not been adjusted to keep up with inflation for several years. This year, we will also have at least two Golden Veteran Award (50-Years)presentations in our lodge – Wor. Ed Matraia and Bro. George Christensen.

During our February Stated Meeting, we were also honored by the presence of the Worshipful Allen Cuenca, the Inspector of the 317th Masonic District. His official visit was certainly made worthwhile as we tackled our agenda of mostly financial matters and ended with a double second degree examination of the Herricks. All in all, it was a long yet productive night!

Coming up, we will be switching gears to prepare for a first degree conferral before, again, your officers will switch to rehearse for third degrees. Busy days are certainly here and ahead of us. If you want to join the fun and get involved in lodge activities, please do not hesitate to let any officers know! We could use help with all of our activities in the pipeline - Crab Feed on February 25, Golden Veteran Award on March 18, Public School Teacher’s Award, a series of degree conferrals, among others.

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