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From the East

By J. E. C. Rafisura — Master

As we enter July, please allow me to wish everyone a Happy U.S. Independence Day! Hopefully, this article has reached you not too long after the 4th of July so that my greeting is still in order. When we talk about independence (and freedom), we can always feel our the fullness of heart’s gratitude and deep respect for those who are in the military, our first responders, and those who continue to sacrifice (or have sacrificed their lives) so that, “we the people”, are able to continue to live according to the dreams and aspirations of our Founding Fathers. America is indeed the land of the free because of the brave!

Going back to last month, please join me in congratulating our newly-raised brother, Jake Andreotti. Bro. Jake was raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason on June 15. It has been a while since our last third degree conferral (October 2021)! After almost two years, we were finally able to raise another worthy brother.

For brother Andreotti, it was a momentous event being able to continue his family’s generational masonic succession. The ceremony was attended by his father, Jared, and his grandfathers, Hank Andreotti and John Smith (all Master Masons, of course). Both his grandfathers helped in the symbolic “raising” portion of the ceremony. One can imagine that they relived the curiosity and joy of their own experience through Jake’s eyes that night, just as their own fathers had with them.

My appreciation to the sideliners and visitors who attended the event. I have to mention, the third degree team’s performance, was as expected . . . spectacular. Also, we were fortunate to be graced by the presence of our Wor. Inspector, Allen Cuenca, who sat in one of the chairs and took part in the ceremony. I can only hope that Jake will be able to attend our activities whenever he is in town as we know he is busy with his very promising career as a race car driver. Nonetheless, we are proud that Jake is now a Master Mason and part of our lodge as he and his team consistently “bring home the bacon” by winning races. God speed Jake!

Coming up will be more third degree conferrals. In my previous article, I have mentioned that we were planning to have a traveling/visiting degree in Mendocino Lodge. Due to some logistical challenges, we have changed the venue to Volcano Lodge #56 in Volcano, California. I am stoked with this new location knowing that the lodge owns an actual Masonic Cave! The plan is to have this event on August 29 with Bro. Steven Dorough as our candidate. For sure, this will be a different and awesome experience for all of us. If any Master Mason who would like to join us in this exciting adventure, please let me or any of the officers know for more details.

Other than degree conferrals, please note also that we will be having our Strawberry Feed in July and Hiram Award Ceremony and Lodge Picnic in August. Stay tuned for more announcements during Stated Meetings and also, check your emails for updates regarding upcoming activities. I wish everyone good health and pleasant summer. I hope to see you in our lodge activities!

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