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From the Secretary’s Table

By Don Schauer, Sr., H.A

We find ourselves in March already. Just think only 294 day left until Christmas! Where does time go? The dues have been coming in at a slow pace. We have 36 members who still owe for 2020 and 11 that owe for 2019. Please check your dues receipt.

I attended the Secretaries Retreat on the 7th, 8th and 9th. I learned a few thing and I learned some of the new programs that the Grand Lodge in planning. The California lodges are 95% computer dependent. Technology is starting to pass over old-timers like me. This is my 43rd year as a lodge secretary. Where does time go?

On Saturday April 4th I will receive my 50 year pin. I would like to see you at the dinner that the lodge is planning for me.

We picked up a few new members, two for affiliation and one for the degrees. As of this writing we have 233 members. Last month I reported Brother Norman Shrader as having passed away. I got a notice from the U.S. Postal Service that he had died. Turns out Brother Shrader called me and I was informed that he is alive and well. Sorry about that Brother Norman!

It looks like the lodge will hold two second degrees. Here is a chance for you to come out and witness the very fine work your officers

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