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From the Secretary’s Table

By Don Schauer, Sr., H.A.

Does your dues card look like the picture below? If not you are in danger of being suspending for nonpayment of dues. If you are suspended and then pay your dues your time starts all over again. For you or your family to receive benefits from the Masonic Home, Outreach program you must remain in good standing for 5 years. Don’t fall behind It amounts to.30 ȼ per day. Where else can you find insurance like that? Plus you lose all right as Masons, and we don’t want that to happen.

So look at the copy of my dues receipt above, then look at yours. Are the dates the same. If they are not, you are having a problem, give me a call at 510-258-0654 I will be more then glad to help you. Never lose sight of the fact that we all brothers and we take care of each other.

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