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From the South

By Andrew Hawes — Jr. Warden

Happy New Year, Brethren!

May this year we face be full of joy, friendship and fellowship!

January is a month of new beginnings.  A new year, a new crop of lodge officers, perhaps some of us have some new resolutions for the year to come.  It is certainly Truth that we can all use some Relief from the trials of 2021, and it’s gratifying and heart warming to see how Brotherly Love has prevailed in our lodge and helped us all make the best of such difficult times.  As new brothers join us, and some whom we have known and loved for years move far away, the lodge changes – but we change it, and change with it.  Our lodge is not a building where we meet, it is the embodiment of our wills and desires, that keeps that ebb and flow of change not just bearable, but welcome, as we re-teach old traditions to new members, share well-known stories with both those who have never heard them, and those who recall them with nostalgia and together, tell new stories and forge a new path into our future together.

We may often make resolutions about changing things at the start of a new year, but some things we appreciate staying the same. Uncle Roy will still be working hard with our purveyors in the kitchen to prepare some great food for us this year, starting off this month with a dinner of meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy, and green beans – warm and hearty food to stick to your ribs and help you get through the winter chill!  I look forward to picking up the reins where our past Junior Wardens have left off, and working with Roy to try and ensure that we know what we’re eating each month, and how many of us will be there to eat it.  I also hope to plan at least one Feast of St. John, and a White Table Night during the months to come.  If you have any special requests for food that you would like to see appear on our menu this year, please reach out to me, and I’ll see if we can make it happen – send me an email, call me, or talk to me at one of our meetings, and share your thoughts!

I feel that it is an exciting time for Crow Canyon Lodge #551.  We are growing, we are active, and we have funds to accomplish the good works we plan to do through the year.  We have committed hands and hearts to both plan and carry out the tasks that need to be done in and outside of the lodge.  I am proud and happy to be facing a new set of challenges and responsibilities this year as your Junior Warden, and plan to “look well to the South”, and work with all of you to help you have a fantastic year!

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