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Masonic Family Corner

Hello! My name is Bridgette H; I am the Librarian of Bethel No. 1 Dublin. I am 11 years old and I joined our Bethel in 2017!

My favorite part of Job’s Daughters is working at the Crab Feeds and all the fun activities I get to attend with my Bethel sisters! In my family, my Great- Great Grandfather was a Mason.

We have a lot planned for our 2019 spring term! We are super excited for our initiation on April 10th where we will be initiating four new girls, including one of our JD2 Bees!

Right now, our Bethel is also selling See’s Candy to raise funds for our future activities and would appreciate any support. As for events that are coming up, on Friday, May 10th we will have our Annual Spaghetti Feed and Silent Auction at the Livermore Shrine Event Center! The Bethel is currently selling tickets in advance through our Junior Princess, Sophia Amato! The Bethel is working very hard and it is always a super fun event, so we really appreciate everyone’s support!

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